Welcome to Owen Wilson photography!

Owen is based at Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast

Owen travels extensively along the East coast of
Australia focusing on Landscapes, Wildlife, Aerial and Tourism views. Owens
trips can be 3 months plus away from home.

Owen occasionally ventures inland and Outback
Australia for his photography. He is passionate about his photography which is
reflected in his images.

Owen photographs for a reputable publishing company
based in Sydney and also freelances. He enjoys travelling and meeting people
from all over the world and Australia.

Owen has a vast collection of images in his
photographic library. These images are available for book publisher,
Advertising media, websites, calendar companies and individual purchasers

Owens images can also be used as fine art prints. He
shoots a variety of subjects including wildlife, landscapes, tourism, Aerial, Puppies,
kittens, People etc.

Owen always used medium format film cameras in the
past, he has been shooting digital format for more than 6 years. He likes to
use Nikon cameras and lens.

For more information Call 02 6585 8303