Teddy's World

Teddy's world is all about Teddy bears and their everyday activities. Loads of character and intricate detail has been put into these images making them so very colourful and delightful. For children of all ages to enjoy.
OWTB Easter egg hunting
OWTB0001 Teddy's children visit Santa
OWTB0003 Happy Mother's Day
OWTB0004 Young Teddies take flowers to market
OWTB0005 Teddy courtship for Valentines Day
OWTB0006 Teddy couple with protea flowers
OWTB0007 Travel Teddy
OWTB0008 Elegant Teddy laddies
OWTB0009 Two friends share a cup of Tea
OWTB0010 Hot air balloon Teddy
OWTB0011 Teddy family enjoy the beach
OWTB0012 Teddy  wedding  in the gazebo at the park